Terms and conditions

Technical features:

Technical features: 3D figures are individual custom-made products. The presentation options can vary depending on the person and clothing. A complaint is only possible on the basis of clear production defects. Limbs, such as fingers, anyway accessories should be placed tightly on the body. Otherwise, there is an increased risk of breakage in the 3D figure here. Unusual poses are possible, but it can affect the stability of the figure. In 3D printing, color deviations from the original may occur. Partially shiny surfaces on the figure may result from treatment with infiltrate. Visible streaks can remain visible through the different print layers. Imprints, logos and texts on clothing can`t be displayed in all sizes. Eye colors are not shown. The material, polymer gypsum is fragile and not waterproof. The larger the figure, the more details can be displayed.


Complaints are only possible on the base of clear production defects. We do not offer a refund for your 3D figura, but we will reprint it if there is a significant printing error or damage before packing it in the studio.


We assume that our customers agree that images of their 3d-figura may be used for future advertising material. Please contact us if you do not wish your character to be used for future advertising and marketing.