Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment!

We have fixed time windows for our appointments. In order that you have enough time to prepare for your appointment and to relax before it starts, we would like to ask you to arrive in time for your appointment. Even if the scanning process only takes a fraction of a second, we calculate about 15 minutes for your appointment, so that we can go through all details with you in peace.

I would like to have my pet printed as a 3D figure

Wir lieben Tiere und können es kaum erwarten, Ihren kleinen (oder großen) pelzigen oder gefiederten Freund zu sehen! Um ein ausreichend gutes Ergebnis zu erzielen, ist es allerdings nötig das Ihr Haustier in der Lage ist, für einige Sekunden still zu sitzen. Möchten Sie Ihr Haustier alleine fotografieren lassen, beachten Sie bitte das es für die Zeit der Aufnahme alleine in der geschlossenen Kabine bleiben muss.  

What can I wear?

When photographing, we scan surface details. The more details you see, the better the quality! However, some fabrics and colors work better than others. We have found that bright, bright colors and patterned garments make the most beautiful 3D figures. Colours that go well with jeans and cotton fabrics always bring good results and look fantastic. Please avoid shiny or transparent materials as they can confuse the system. Beige has also proved to be unfavourable.

What should I avoid?

Larger amounts of shiny materials such as silk, high-gloss polished leather, patent leather shoes, patent clothing or latex should be avoided to avoid irritation when taking pictures. Shiny shoes and accessories are fine. Please also avoid transparent materials such as pantyhose. Accessories, your child's favourite toys or bags and backpacks that you can carry yourself are no problem.

Delivery within 24 hours...
Simply take it with you in your hand luggage!